Dr. jur. Alexander Tomic



FOCUS Magazine’s Top-Kanzleien in Deutschland (2017-2018)


Study of law at the Universities Berlin and Munich
Legal clerkship at the high court in Munich
Doctorate on private construction law with Prof. Dr. Helmut Köhler at the University of Augsburg
Own lawyer in Munich and Augsburg
Lawyer at HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP in Munich, since January 2016
Lawyer at Breyer Rechtsanwälte in Stuttgart, since May 2017


Construction legal advice in construction law matters
Legal supervision of large building projects regarding time and cost
Legal representation in arbitration proceedings
Litigation in particular regarding delay, costs and documentation
Administrative law, in particular public construction law

Research Activity

Building practical seminars for experts and managers from business and administration
Lectures in working groups for construction law in Munich and Bremen

„Construction time and time-dependent costs", author and editor, Bundesanzeiger Verlag, 2014
„Liabilitytraps in connection with joint liability", Architect law, Anniversary publication in honour of Prof. Rudolf Jochem, Springer Vieweg Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2014
„Business-as-usual costs", Correction of faults and cost sharing with limited scope, Verlag V. Florenz GmbH, Munich, 1990

Journals and Articles
Effects of Corona - Pandemic-related risk analysis and reassessment in construction law, Zeitschrift für deutsches und internationales Bau- und Vergaberecht (ZfBR) 2020, 419
Acceleration in theory and in practice, Baurecht 2011, 1234
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