Anglo-German Construction Law Platform (AGCLP)

The AGCLP was created in 2013 by leading lawyers, judges, academics and professionals from Germany and the UK specializing in the field of International Construction Law in co-operation with King′s College (London).

The initiative was first born when Dr Wolfgang Breyer (Founding Chairman) and Prof. Rudi Klein (Founding Board Member, Barrister) were discussing the gap between the flow of information on Construction Law between the Common (UK) and Civil (German) law jurisdiction. Dr Breyer led the way in bringing together the leading judges, lawyers, academics and professionals from Germany and the UK specialising in the field of transnational Construction Law to in late 2013 the AGCLP.

The purpose of the AGCLP is rather straight forward, to create an ″professional exchange″ on aspect of international construction law between Germany and the UK – this is better described by the ″Object″ in the AGCLP′s Constitution:

″The object of the Platform is to establish a working platform for debating practical construction law issues between the jurisdictions of England and Wales and Germany in order to foster in depth academic and professional exchange on aspects of international construction law and create greater collaboration by means of meetings, lectures and study and research.″

The current Founding and Board Members are as follows:

  • Dr. Wolfgang Breyer (Founding Chairman);
  • Prof. Stefan Leupertz (Board member) – former judge of the Supreme Court, Germany;
  •  Dr Alfons Schulze-Hagen (Board member);
  • Prof. Dr. Antje Boldt (Board Member);
  • HH Humphrey Lloyd QC (Founding President) – former judge of the High Court, England and Wales;
  • Prof. David Mosey (Board member) – Director at King′s College;
  • Prof. Rudi Klein (Board member) – Barrister and ;
  • Andrew Burr (Board member) – Barrister, Atkin Chambers; and
  • Christopher Ennis (Founding Vice-Chairman).

The AGCLP also works in co-operation with the Centre of Construction Law, King′s College.

For more information on the AGCLP follow this link.