The goal of the seminars is to improve the knowledge of leaders and managers in the construction sector, in the areas of private construction law, architecture law and procurement law.

Breyer Rechtsanwälte

Inhouse Seminars


In addition to publications in trade and business journals, several of our lawyers are very much research-active and give seminars at various educational institutions in Germany and internationally, for example University of Vienna, University of Stuttgart and King‘s College (London).

In-house Seminars

Breyer Rechtsanwälte is continuously called upon by clients to perform in-house seminars and directly share our wealth of practical experience in both domestic and international construction law to construction, infrastructure and energy professionals and in-house lawyers.

Our seminars are in line with the business of our clients and, most importantly, reflect actual issues faced by employees on-ground at the development site. We provide both German law and International seminars on some of the following topics:

Examples of German in-house seminar topics

  • Standard letters for correspondence with the employer
  • Construction manager course: the German standard-form contract VOB/B
  • Accounting in accordance with the German standard-form contract VOB/B
  • Delay and disruption in construction
  • Procedural construction law for practitioner
  • Procurement law in practice
  • Contract drafting in facility management; and
  • Bespoke seminars on issue(s) determined by clients

Examples of International in-house seminar topics

  • FIDIC International Standard Forms of Construction Contract – having years of experience in dealing with FIDIC contracts our seminar programs support clients in practically dealing with all the FIDIC forms of contract. Our FIDIC seminars are divided according to the attendees’ understanding of FIDIC contracts (FIDIC Fundamentals, FIDIC Advanced and FIDIC Expert) or whether the client wants tailor-made seminars (for example, Claims Management in FIDIC or FIDIC contract “page-turn” review). FIDIC seminars are held in English, we can also offer to present in German should this be required.
  • International Construction Arbitration
  • Disputes Resolution – Adjudication under the FIDIC Contract
  • Common and Civil approaches to construction law
  • Understanding English Construction Law
  • FIDIC Contracts – Pitt-falls and Solutions

For further information on in-house seminars please also refer to our seminar flyer available for download or alternatively contact us.